Fitting Process


Fitting Process

At Huey Lam Suits we go to great lengths to ensure that your suit is properly fitted. To guarantee your satisfaction of your new clothing, fittings are required before and after production.
At checkout you will be prompted to book an appointment to be fitted and measured. If you are a local shopper we recommend you get fitted in-person at our Calgary location. Click Here For Directions.

Online Fittings

Online fittings are available to shoppers who are not locally based in Calgary. You will be prompted to select your method of your online consultation and fitting at checkout. Our experts guide you through the process of properly taking your measurements to ensure your order is made accurately to your body specifications.

Submit Photos for Reference

To help our tailors understand your body type and ensure your clothing fits specifically to your physique, we recommend submitting photos of yourself from the side, front, and back to use as a reference during production. You will be able to submit these photos at checkout or send them in at a later time.


Once you have received your order, you are eligible for complimentary alterations within six months of the date of purchase. If you live in Calgary, simply bring your clothing to the Huey Lam store for your alteration.
Alterations on international orders are entitled to a 10% reimbursement of the product to be altered at your local tailor if your clothing does not fit properly.
Review our policy on Complimentary Alterations.

Final Fitting

A final fitting is required to make minor alterations and guarantee the best fit. After receiving your order, please Book an Appointment for your final fitting.

Properly, Not Perfectly

Our experts take great care in ensuring that measurements are precise and accurate. Fittings are required before and after production to ensure the garments fit properly to your satisfaction.
Please note that there is no ‘perfect fit.’ All body shapes are unique and clothing may be altered to fit your body properly.