You are always in capable hands.

You put your faith in our hands to craft you the best possible suit. This is not something that we take lightly, and we work hard to meet your expectations.


Suits that will see you through.

Our fine fabrics stand the test of time and wear. Our clothes are made to last.


Tell them a story they won't forget.

Your suit speaks to those who see you without uttering a word. The right fit tells the world that you’re clean cut, professional, and confident. Huey Lam suits are personally tailored to your frame, so it always fits right.

“As a tailor, I have seen a lot of ill-fitted suits and shirts. The suits at most retail stores may look great, but they often need to be readjusted to fit your body, and the quality can be sub-par.

Over a decade in the business, I’ve learned that the best suits in the world are custom made to an individual’s body. In my search for the perfect suit, I travelled far and wide before finding a family of Vietnamese tailors to produce my clothing, with three generations of suit tailoring. They craft every detail, including unique double stitching to prevent wear and tear.

There is no such thing as a suit that fits everyone, I’m confident that my suits are of the highest quality, with the highest level of tailoring, and are made just for you. This is backed by my satisfaction guarantee. If something doesn’t feel right with your suit, I will personally see that it’s adjusted until it does.

Book an appointment, and come see the difference a Huey Lam suit makes.”